On this page you will find answers on the frequently asked questions. If you still haven't found an answer to your particular question, please, don't hesitate to contact us, we will help you further.

How does the online auction work?

Sellers offer their bottles to us. After a thourough check on the authenticity we register the bottle at one of the following online auctions. Registered bidders bid on the lots and after closing of the auction the highest bidder receives an invoice for the whisky. The seller will be paid within 3 weeks.

How do i sell my Whisky?

A seller needs an account. After verifying your account, you can forward your whisky to us. Please note the bottle(s) should be received by WhiskyAuction & More before the stated date on the auction calendar. Sending whisky is at your own risk. Pack the whisky properly and send registered and/or insured.

Important: always mention your username and e-mail adress of WhiskyAuction & More. Without this information we can not link the bottle(s) to your account.

What does it cost to sell Whisky through the auction?

Sellers pay 10% commission on the hammerprice. To set a threshold amount(reserve price) we charge € 6,00. For placing your lot on our auction we charge €5,00 each lot. Vat is calculated on the sales commission, reserveprice and placing your loton the auction. No Vat at the hammerprice.

How many bottles can i offer at once?

There is no limit to the number of bottles to be introduced. We recommend not to introduce too many similar whisky's at the same time. This can have a negative impact on the price.

If there are too many similar whisky's, the auctioneer can decide to reserve a number of bottles for a following auction.

What happens if the reserve price is not met?

If the reserveprice is not met, no commission needs to be paid. The bottle has not been sold.

If a bottle is not sold, we will contact you. You can then choose to resubmit the bottle(s) in a subsequent auction, or have it returned. In the latter case you will be charged for the shipping costs and €5,00 a lot for placing your whisky's in our auction.

What are the bidding steps?

A bid step determines the minimum amount by which a bid can be made. The lower the current bid, the lower the minimum next bid may be. the table below shows the bidding steps and the associated increase amounts.

Step Price from Price till Bidding step
0 0 10 1
1 11 100 5
2 101 200 10
3 201 500 20
4 501 1000 20
5 1001 2000 50
6 2001 5000 100
7 5001 10000 500
8 10001 20000 1000
9 20001 50000 2000
10 50001 100000 5000
11 100001 10000

How can i insure my bottles?

The bottles that WhiskyAuction & More sends to the buyers are always insured by a maximum amount of 2000,-. The insurance costs are 3% from the final lot price excluding VAT.

When will i receive my won lots?

After paying your whisky(s) we will generally sent within 5 working days after the auction shut down.

Do i need to pay VAT?

VAT is charged on commissions, set reserveprice, placing your lot on auction, shipping costs and insurance. No VAT has to be paid on the final hammerprice.

How long does it take to receive the payment for the sold whisky(s)?

Sellers receive the payment withing 21 days after the auction ends. Payment is only done after we received the payment from the buyer. Payment is made by bank transfer.

When does the auction close?

The auction takes place monthly and the first lot ends at 20.00. For dates see our auction calendar. A countdown clock shows when the particular lot closes. If a new bid is done in the last minute before closing, the shut down time of the concerned lot will be extended by 5 minutes.

What are the shipping costs?

number of bottles shipping costs (Netherlands) shipping costs (Belgium)
1 10,00 18,00
2 12,00 20,00
3 14,00 22,00
4 16,00 24,00
5 18,00 26,00
6 20,00 28,00
7 22,00 30,00
8 24,00 32,00
9 26,00 34,00
10 28,00 36,00
* Prices in euro excluding VAT
* Maximum weight 30 kg


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