WhiskyAuction & More specializes in the auction of rare and exclusive whisky. Whether you are a connoisseur, collector or investor, with us you will find the whisky you are looking for!!

In the mid 80's I was made enthusiastic by an uncle of mine who drank single malt whisky. I investigated the many flavors and became a great fan. The voyage of discovery brought me to whisky festivals, liquor stores and tastings. The 80's were difficult times for the distilleries and many of them went bancrupt.

One could not imagine what kind of impact it would have on the whisky market. Port Ellen, Brora and Rosebank, just a handful of famous brands, are whiskies with great name and fame that we all love.

But where can you still find them? The search for these whiskies brought me in this digital age to the various online auction sites in Europe. The experience with buying and selling at these online auctions brought me to the idea to start an exclusive whisky auction site in the Netherlands. This is how WhiskyAuction & More was born.

Whether it's an old blend, the particular Japanese whisky you've been looking for a while, or a whisky from a closed distillery? we do not only sell Scotch whisky, but whisky from all over the world.

Enjoy your search!

André van Dijk


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WhiskyAuction & More

WhiskyAuction & More is a new whisky auction in the Netherlands. We are specialize in finding and auctioning old, rare and exclusive whiskies. Our goal is to bring the buying and selling of exclusive whiskies within reach of every whisky lover.

The auction site is the connecting link between buyer and seller of whisky, where our involvement ensures the right confidence: all bottles are checked for authenticity and condition.



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